1. Nick Banner and The Pharaoh's Greed
    Nick Banner thinks he's just a below average foster kid. His father went missing when he was six, or maybe he walked out, no one really knows what happened. Jaded from his past Nick has grown up feeling pretty worthless, but one soul has been tethered to him since he was a child. His father's friend Gabe Reed, who became a mentor in one of those big brother type programs. If it weren’t for Gabe, Nick would feel more lost than he already was. On the eve of his fifteenth birthday Nick Banner is thrust into a world where supernatural forces are fighting an ancient war. As if school and shuffling through foster homes weren’t enough, young Banner becomes the target of an evil corporation that thinks Nick is the key to unearthing a powerful artifact from the time of Moses. Relying on Gabe for help, they uncover a dark mystery regarding Nick's father. Not wanting trouble Nick resists, but when secrets of his past become revealed, he can't stop digging for the truth.
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