MM Beeman holds MA Degrees in both Special Education and Evangelism and Church Planting, as well as an undergraduate degree in History. His love for reading was inspired by authors such as Tolkien, CS Lewis and Poe.

Teaching for ten years in the field of Special Education, primarily with youth who are behaviorally challenged, has given him a strong desire to help kids better fall in love with reading and has helped formulate the structure, pacing and messages in his writing.

This teaching experience has also given him valuable insight into what engages kids in the world of books, and more importantly what doesn't. This has directly impacted the first offering in the Nick Banner series. Born out of a desire to encourage young adults to read, engage the adult reader, and as a means to share the heart of Christ. His approach? Through the stories of a kid who has been down the beaten path, a father trying to catch up, and a mentor who tried his best, all within the landscape of a supernatural battle over ancient biblical artifacts.